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Heroic Paragons Down

Sunapanda a posted Mar 24, 14
It wasn't always pretty. But we managed to bring down the Paragons and are ready to start cranking on Garrosh.
Kynne I just want to add: I'm super proud of everyone. You're all awesome. Thank you Elf for coming in for progression when we ...
Honestly it was a lot of fun. It took a long time. But it was fun.

New challenge: re-kill without a hunter. Thanks Huntiez!
huntiez We both know it will huntiez just makes things easier lol
Sunapanda a We will do that. It might be better for us long term if we can figure out a way to do it without a hunter -- but we'll k ...
huntiez If u guys need to re kill me let me know in advance and I can do a hour at the most on a thursday or sunday but u have t ...

Heroic Thok Down

Sunapanda a posted Dec 23, 13
While I slept soundly on Christmas break the rest of Mostly Dead was busy killing Thok. The raid, originally thought to be lost to holiday travels, was saved by Farther's car trouble keeping her from heading out of town. Also need to point out that Vae's OT sideline cheers were certainly a major factor in the kill.
Vaevictus Huh, never noticed that before 0.o
Lintilla a They're up in my killshots gallery.
Vaevictus By sideline cheers you mean "REMEMBER TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" which is not up yet ...
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You must have been channeling Sun's screenshot positioning.
lol H siegecrafter photo, im not even facing the right way -_-
you should be able to...
thanks =D
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